Programs Available

The Clean Detox

The Clean Detox is a complete multimedia training course designed to help you learn and execute detoxification a...

$99.00 USD

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Precision Nutrition Coaching Program

$997.00 USD

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Healthy Heart Rx

My grandfather on my father's side died prematurely from heart disease, in large part because of poor advice from doc...

$145.00 USD

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METrx28 Health Reboot System

A 28 Day guided prescription to help you Move better, Eat healthy and Cultivate Happiness.

$94.00 USD

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Here's What You Can Expect From Our Various Programs

Move Better

From improving posture and flexibility to running, weight training and advanced mobility, Dr. Daniel is here to you move better!

Eat Healthy

Explore recipes, meal plans, follow step by step proven detox programs, juice cleanses and more. Eating Healthy has never been easier!

Cultivate Happiness

Learn how to meditate, repattern your brain and identify imbalances in powerful brain chemicals that you to cultivate happiness.