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Optimize health. Do it naturally. Enjoy the life you were meant to live. Through functional medicine, Dr. Daniel helps you to find the root cause of your health problems, and tailor a program just for you.



Consultations consist of a virtual face-to-face assessment of your current health, review of your blood work results, and an Action Plan for achieving your health goals.


All testing can be done remotely and conveniently. But more important, we turn your blood work results into actionable steps that you can take to improve your health.


Make effective health decisions. Stop worrying about what supplements to take, what diet to follow or how much to exercise. The truth is in numbers and I can help you figure it out.

How It Works

For the last ten years, I have helped successful professionals, elite athletes, stay at home moms and too busy to take care of their self Dads. People just like you to improve their mental and physical performance using Functional Medicine and a specialized assessment blood work.


As soon as you sign up, you will be directed to the members area of my functional medicine practice. Here you will begin the process of familiarizing yourself completing intake forms

Step 2

After familiarizing yourself with the members dashboard, you will learn how to monitor your own health using at home health tracking tools and more importantly you'll have immediate access to Dr. Daniel via text, email or virtual consults (phone or video).

Step 3

After studying your personal health history, diet and lifestyle habits and reviewing the initial health tracking data that you provide Dr. Daniel, you will get a complete list of blood testing recommendations. This can include blood biomarkers, digestive health testing, hormone testing, advanced lipid testing, vitamin and mineral testing as well as food sensitivity testing.

Step 4

Based on the all the data collected, Dr. Daniel will begin recommending various treatment plans and protocols.


Going beyond the Initial steps, Dr. Daniel will continue to refine your health plans and protocols based on changes you experience. His methods and techniques have been proven with over 10,000 patient cases. His goal is to not offer a quick fix or hit and run treatment plan, but to provide you an actionable approach to optimal health and well being. 

Become A Functional Medicine Member Today

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